6 Simple Truck Accident Tips for Austin Residents

 6 Simple Truck Accident Tips for Austin Residents

Did you know that according to the Texas Department of Transportation, more than 80,000 motor vehicle accidents in Texas involved tractor trailer trucks over the past year alone? According to the same source these austin truck accidents resulted in nearly 3,500 fatalities and nearly 128,000 injuries. This is a disturbing amount of traffic collisions which could have been avoided if all drivers were as cautious as possible behind the wheel. If you or someone close to you has been injured in an austin truck accident due to another's negligence please contact us as soon as possible! We at The Law Offices of Kevin Thompson are austin personal injury lawyers who can help victims like yourself obtain justice. Our dedicated team of austin injury lawyers has won hundreds of austin injury lawsuits and we can help you too!

For example, one of the most frequent causes of austin tractor trailer accidents is following a vehicle too closely (tailgating). There are many reasons to avoid tailgating, but perhaps the most important is that sudden stops for braking or traffic means that the car being followed will be rear ended. When this occurs at 50 miles per hour it is very likely going to cause a serious austin trucking accident which may result in a life time of austin medical bills and pain and suffering for whomever is involved. This type of negligence on the part of the driver who persists in "drafting" another vehicle could have been easily avoided if they simply followed them at a safe distance (3-4 seconds behind the austin vehicle in question).

Another common cause of austin injuries involving austin 18 wheeler trucks is fatigue. This is not to say that every austin truck driver who has worked long hours is negligent, but when they are our austin injury attorneys like myself see it all too often. One mitigating factor in austin accident litigation where the defendant claims fatigue as an exacerbating circumstance which caused them to loose control of their vehicle, is the lack of sleep. It's one thing if you have worked twelve hours and slept four hours, but another if you have worked eight hours and only gotten four hours of sleep. When this occurs please do your best to be extra cautious when driving; not only to protect yourself but also your austin family.

Other austin personal injury claims we see frequently involve austin 18 wheeler accidents and distracted driving, like using a cell phone while behind the wheel. The decision to drive after engaging in such behavior is made with full knowledge that you are endangering other austin drivers and pedestrians on austin roads and should bear the full brunt of responsibility for any austin trucking accident which occurs due to such negligence. When you operate an austen vehicle at 65 miles per hour you simply cannot be distracted or risk becoming so without grave consequences! Please put the cell phone away when traveling through austin city limits, especially if there is construction going on and all around you! Not only do austin trucking accidents involving austin 18 wheeler trucks and distracted drivers easily occur, but we austin personal injury attorneys see them more than any other type of austin traffic accident.

The final issue we at The Law Offices of Kevin Thompson like to address is austin motorcycle accidents . According to the American Motorcyclist Association there were over 4,000 austin motorcycle riders killed in austin car accidents last year. This makes it one of the most dangerous types of austin traffic collisions on austin roads today! A few things that you can do as a motorcyclist to increase your own safety include: wearing proper protective gear (helmets); obeying all laws regarding lane splitting; and staying alert for passenger cars which may not notice you. While austin motorcyclists are permitted to split lanes under austin law, it is very dangerous and should only be done when traffic conditions permit it. Furthermore, passengers in cars will often not see a austin motorcycle coming at a stop light or worse yet fail to check their blind spot before changing lanes.

When any austin 18 wheeler accident occurs as the result of another driver's negligence it is almost always possible for austin injury victims to recover damages from them which can compensate for austin economic losses (lost wages), austin pain and suffering, austin future medical bills and/or austin property damage expenses that they have already incurred. If you have been involved in ain personal injury involving an austin 18 wheeler truck you need austin legal representation from austin lawyers who recognize the austin city limits and can navigate austin personal injury laws on your behalf. Be it a large austin traffic accident or a small austin boating accident, as long as you were not grossly negligent yourself you should seek austin legal representation for any austintrucking accident which leaves you injured.

As an austin lawyer I have handled many austine accidents involving austins trucks, including numerous cases involving young drivers who have been injured by speeding 18 wheelers in the state. The most important thing to do after suffering injuries is to protect yourself by hiring of one of our experienced austin attorneys to represent you immediately! We will be able to conduct a austin trucking accident investigation and austin personal injury claim to ensure that you receive austin restitution for your austin medical bills, austin injuries and other losses.

Since 1989 I have been helping austinstruction victims who have been injured in austintruck accidents through no fault of their own! You can feel confident knowing that The Law Offices of Kevin Thompson has your best interests at heart as we fight to get you austins truck accident compensation that is deserved. Our austins personal injury lawyers provide all clients a "No Win/No-Fee" Guarantee – this means if we are unable to obtain compensation for you, you owe us nothing! Call 24 hours a day/7 days a week (512) Brewing it. austin austintruck accident austintruck accidents austin trucking austintruck accidents austin texas austin traffic trucking wreck car wreck car wreck

What to do in case you are involved in a car accident?

The first thing to do after any auto accident is to make sure everyone involved is taken care of and properly compensated. When hurt in an austintraffic collision, this means getting the medical attention you need at the appropriate austin healthcare facility for your injuries. If anyone has died as a result of the austintraffic collision, then you must also contact the proper authorities, such as the police or coroner's office.

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